SD card visible in the root folder but not mounted at top level


My SD card (32GB) has been working well (as an external drive, and not formatted by the FP2). Recently I had some other problems and removed the SD card. Had it in the PC card reader, it is readable. Put it back into the phone, where I was not asked how the phone should use it, and where it is not shown either.

I am using Total Commander, but I have not found the SD card, or its content, resp., in any other file manager I have tried. Usually it was somewhere at top level, just below the internal storage (“emulated”). I have forgotten the mount name.

In the other File Manager, I can select the SD card, but it seems to be totally empty (which it definitely isn’t).

Interestingly, there exists FileSystemRoot/sdcard. But it shows the emulated memory, not the sd card.

I want to manually backup as much as I can from the FP2, and the best and fastest way would be via SD card, which is why I ask.

Has anybody ever experienced such, and is there a simple explanation? Since Android is based on Linux, perhaps the mount directory did not get deleted because I did not unmount before removing it? Is that possible? And how could I repair this, if so? Or is that nonsense?

Another thing: I have not inserted the simcard yet. Is there a relation?

I still have no clue.

Thanks in advance for every answer!

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