SD card setup options shown on /e/OS 1.5.1-S (Android 12)

As many here know very well, the two options available when you set up a new SD(XC) card in your Fairphone come with serious consequences. Most prominently, lots of Fairphoners have suffered badly from setting up their card as “extended internal storage” / “extra phone storage”, so many of use here strongly recommend to choose “portable storage” instead.

Unfortunately (I just checked) extended internal storage is still presented as the first option when you are prompted to choose an SD card setup (at least in the Fairphone 4 on Fairphone OS Android 11, see picture on the left). As I just got a new SD card yesterday for my FP3+ (I recently upgraded it to /e/OS Android 12), I had the opportunity to finally again witness myself how the two options are presented (see picture on the right).

I don’t know definitely if the latter (black screenshot) is a customization that Murena has done for /e/OS, but I think that seems much more likely than that this would be the Android 12 default. Nothing much more to add from my side here right now, I just thought this might be interesting to see for others.


At least they were aware and took active steps beginning here …

… although I don’t find the “smoking gun” right now of when the current state of things got established in the end.

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