SD-Card Problems

I used my FP3 since last October without an extra SD-Card, everything worked more or less fine. With storage slowly filling up I decided to get a SD card this week.

I got a 128 GB SD Card, inserted it and choose to use it as an extra internal storage. After formatting I got asked if I want to transfer files to free up space on the “real” internal storage which I accepted. And restarted the phone afterwards.

Now the problem begins,
after the restart, a system pop up tells me that the sd card is missing. But in the storage setting it shows me, that the card is inserted and that I got tons of free space. Problem still there after a couple restarts. I tried putting it out and in several times physically as well as in the Storage settings. Nothing changes.

This brings the following problems:

  • Brave Browser doesn’t start at all.
  • Camera App opens, lets me take pictures, but doesn’t save them
  • Whatsapp works but all my previously downloaded pictures are gone and I am not able to download new ones. Also I can’t take pictures in the app neither can I record voice messages.

In general I have the feeling most apps have storage reading problems.

Maybe important to mention that I updated to Android 10 2 weeks ago.

Any tips, advice before I try a factory reset?
Anyone had similar problems?


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