SD Card problem

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  1. About the SD card thingy: When I first inserted a freshly formatted SD card the FP2 recognised something being plugged in but only gave me the options “MountSD card” (I thinks thats the translation) and “format SD card”. The first one did nothing so I formatted it and could then access it and stuff. Today I could not access the music and as I looked into the menu, again only the two options were available. Rebooting didn’t help and I didn’t want to format of course. Pulling out and reinserting the SD card helped but since taking of the backcover and removing the SD card are both quite difficult its not something I want to do every other day. Some people had similar problem but they either just said “format and it works” or no further soluion was suggested.

Thanks in advance!

Hello JayGee,
I had some kind of problem like you describe with other phone/systems in the past.

  1. First; is your card old ? i mean did you make a lot of writing on it, if yes, your card is about to die, backup your datas and change it !
  2. You may have a clone card or more bad a false card, this are mainly cheep Chinese card’s with the printed number a bit blured, mainly they erase the old datas so you think it’s a 4Gb but in reality its only a 1Gb. throw it in the rubbish!
  3. it’s not a fast speed card or a slow one, mayby its to slow for writing and if you format it seems fine but if something changes… use it in an other device.
  4. Are the electrical contacts of the card clean ? if not clean it .
  5. Fifth and last, your card is not working well with high or low temperatures… check out the working specs of that card, should at least work -5°C and +15 °C than the temperature of the device (in example i worked in Frozen room and everything was gone after)…

Extracting and reinserting the card is maybe not necessary, just go to the menu and click on remove the card, then reboot.


I experienced a similar problem with an original, new and fast 64GB Samsung SDXC card. None of your items seems to fit . This card is actually built for extreme conditions /temperatures.
In my case I was not able to revive the card by reinstalling and rebooting. I had to format again (which of course is no solution).

My theorie is that the FP2 rejects the mounting of the card once it has been touched by another OS, because it only disappears after I wrote on it via USB mount. MTP works but is slow and sometimes freezes.

Thanks for your suggestions, but it’s the same situation as @MichaelS described:
Its a brand new 64GB Samsung EVO SDXC card never touched by any other OS and bought from a trusted retailer. Maybe there’s an issue with Samsung SD cards?

The problem occured some more times now. Every few reboots it seems. One time it suddenly got recognised but otherwise removing the card is the only option since there is no “remove card” button, only Mount and Format.

That would be a pity. I bought the card specifically for the FP2 since the Samsung PRO is fast, water & freeze proof and supposedly very reliable.
It sure appears as if the SanDisk Cards are a better match for the phone.

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