SD card not recognized anymore

Hi all,

unfortunately, my Fairphone 2 stopped recognizing my SD (Sandisk 8GB) card a few days ago (before it was running fine).
I’ve also tried a new SD card (Verbatim 16 GB), which is also not being recognized.
Both cards are recognized fine on my laptop, both are formatted with fat32.In the settings, both SD options (erase and mount) are greyed out. Amaze shows a sdcard 1, but when I open it, it’s always empty, even if I put files on the SD card on my laptop.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • re-formatting the SDs
  • reset Phone to Factory settings
  • cleared all caches (via TWRP)
  • re-installed Fairphone OS (latest version)

none of this helped.

Any other ideas I could try?


just stopping by to say: I’ve got the same problem.
Any ideas?

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