SD card not recognised

Hello there, had my fairphone a couple of days. Installed Cherry 1.6 today and now it can’t see the SDHC card (64gb, I hadn’t saved anything to it yet). Am getting ‘Removed SD card’ message. Have taken out and reinserted, but no change. Systems settings just says ‘Mount Sd card’. Any ideas? TIA.


could be a format issue. Large SD cards could be formatted to the exFAT file system which is not recognised by FP (requiring FAT32).
Formatting a 64 MB card to FAT32 can be tricky, but take a look at the last two posts in this thread: FP1 says that SDXC card is "Damaged", while Card works fine with PC

Thanks - couldn’t find a way to reformat to fat32 so still ex-fat, but did a full factory restore of phone (phone new so not much lost!) and retraced all my steps to see whether it was updating the OS etc that coincided with the problem. Reformatted SD on computer and then suddenly phone recognised it, so reformatted it again on it for good measure. Seems to be working now thanks. :smile:

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…and it’s done exactly the same again. Spent 4h yesterday transferring music to the phone… and today it suddenly decided the SD card that I put the music on has been unmounted. This time I’ll write down exactly what I do to get it going… :frowning: