SD-Card not recognised anymore - how to save data

I own a FP2 running LineageOS with Modem 17.09. (no GMS). SD-card part of the internal storage.
Yesterday I rebooted my phone - it said SD Card missing. I rebooted - SD Card found. I found that funny, So I did a backup straight away (which is saved to SD). I was too lazy, to move it to my Laptop. After that, with every reboot, the SD-Card is not recognised. I shoved it into the PC - empty. I shoved the FP into the PC, also empty.
My questions:
a) where is my data?
b) how can I access the backups?
Next intersting fact: I can’t boot into TWRP anymore - is this saved on the SD-card aswell?

My solution, and I didn’t have any issues like that since:

Hi Friederike,

No, the recovery partiton stays on the internal memory. Maybe volume key didn’t work as it should? Can you reboot into recovery from TWRP app (I’m not sure if this function exists)?

Problem: can’t download the app, as raccoon ist not working, can’t download via YALP Store, as this downloads to “Download” directory (which was on the SD card). I can’t change the download directory to //Data…
F-Droid store also cannot download, as directory is missing. Will try and use raccoon.

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Update: After the info regarding TWRP - I can access the phone via TWRP. Will then copy everything to the PC, then reformat the SD-Card.

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Just having this said, I couldn’t get to my SD card! - Why?
Yesterday I installed some apps to investigate my device in detail, because I have had reboots, apps like “CPU Identifier” or “Device Info HW”, all together nine apps. So they may have interfered with each other? I deleted it all, restarted my device and now it is all o. k. again with my SD card!

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