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ING Banking app has stopped running since the update to Android 10. The problem was solved by others as follows:

When I reverted it to a “portable” drive that wouldn’t store apps or files (and formatted it all over again…), this solved the ING Banking app issue.

So my question is HOW can I revert my SD-card to portable?
And if I do so, will it be able to storage pictures afterwards or play music which is storaged there?

Thank you for help.

Die ING Banking App wird seit dem Update auf Android 10 nicht mehr ausgeführt. Das Problem wurde von anderen wie folgt gelöst:

Als ich es auf ein" tragbares "Laufwerk zurückgesetzt habe, auf dem keine Apps oder Dateien gespeichert wurden (und es erneut formatiert wurde …), wurde das Problem mit der ING Banking-App behoben.

Meine Frage ist also, wie ich meine SD-Karte auf tragbar zurücksetzen kann.
Und wenn ich das tue, kann sie dann Bilder speichern oder Musik abspielen, die dort gespeichert ist?

Danke für die Hilfe.

Reformatting your SD card to portable should be possible in Settings > Storage, but make sure you have saved your SD card data before because obviously all data on the SD card will be erased in the process.

Yes, a portable SD card can save photos and music and video files (and others). Some apps allow you to save their data directly to a portable SD card (whilst the apps themselves will and should stay on the built-in internal storage). I for my part would actually recommend to keep your apps’ default storage settings and move files to the SD card manually every now and then (using a file manager). But beware that some apps will allow to manually move their data away from the internal storage, but won’t find their data anymore then (e.g. Whatsapp). However, fortunately normal camera and music apps should not behave like that.


Hey, thank you so much!
Everything went fine. ING app is working now.
Also my music player performs with music I stored back to my now portable SD-card.


Good to hear!

And welcome to the community :slight_smile: :+1:

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