SD card icon in Taskbar since Upgrade to 15.1

hi there.
since I upgraded to 15.1, the system always shows that storage icon in the top bar, reminding me that the SD-Card is mounted as “external Storage”.

After reboot I chose to declare it as “external Storage” since I wanted to be able to mount it somewhere else in case I need to update my phone or if I have a huge bunch of things to transfer. anyway. I want to get rid of that annoying icon in the top bar. If it’s the only way, I’d even declare it as “internal”, but I don’t find any options for that SD-Card.
You got an Idea?

Swipe down to bring up the notification and then swipe it to the side to get rid of it?

well… I don’t know how to tell… sometimes you just don’t see the most obvious solutions. thanks for your hint, problem solved.

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