SD-Card does not mount anymore via USB on MAC OS X since latest SW-Update

Dear All, in past my FP2 settings let my SD-Card mount without any question on MAC OS X 10.9.5 like any other USB-Stick. I used it with a self-made folder setup and organized any data transfer on this way.
After latest FP Open updates 2 or 3 weeks ago ( two steps one by one within 1 or 2 days to 17.06.4 at the end ) these settings are gone. Any try out to change settings under storage & usb ( to internal storage or to SD-Card for external use etc. ) does not switch to setup like before. Any choise under USB usage for “charge - MTP - PTP - MIDI” follows without any mounted SD-Card. MAC was unchanged and SD-Card itself is fine, means FP2-internal access and external SD-Card usage via an adapter works well.
What could be changed to describe my experiences and which settings move me back to my easy way to handle my SD-Card ?
Answers in EN or DE please THX in advance

I had a similar problem after updating from Android 5.1 to 6 and then to LineageOS. Linux and Win 7 werent able to copy files to the phone.
The simple solution for me was to format the SD Card with the current OS, Android 6 in your case, and then it worked. Maybe it helps.

_Chris gave me the relevant hint in post number 24.

Actually you should be able to access your sd card in MTP mode with thunar.

Unfortunately the much more convenient and common UMS support has been stopped with Android 6 AFAIK (which is a problem for me as well, because I used my FP2 like a common USB stick in my car radio which can only handle common mass storage devices like UMS).

However, if thunar doesn’t show the MTP device check if you have the “mtpfs” package installed. If you’re using a ubuntu/debian based OS just type “dpkg --list | grep -i mtpfs” in a terminal window. If it shows the package listed, the cause for your problem lies somewhere else. Perhaps “jmptpfs” is needed as well. You can check that one too.

It’s also possible that you need to specify the exact bus and device number of your mtp device. Have a look at this article:

BTW: right above that section someone has added a hint for the FP1 - perhaps it’s valid for the FP2 as well.

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