Sd card disapears

hello everbody.
yesterday my sd card was working as expected in my fairphone 2 android 9 (for more than 2 years now!) . But now my phone dont want to see it anymore. The sd card is working fine under windows 10. I can copy datas between computer and sd card without problem, but when I insert it in my phone it isnt recognized by android. I format it in fat32 on my computer but no change on my phone: always no sd card. I took it out and reinsert it and reboot the phone about 10 times but always unsuccesfull:The android system is unable to see the sdcard any more.
thanks for your help!

Did you find a solution in the meantime?
It might be a problem with the sd card slot on your FP2. I’d recommend you rule that out with another sd card (if you have one).


unfortunetly my sd card slot is always blind! I try with other sdcards from other smartphone: the result is always the same. The sdcards are working on other smartphone but not on my fairphone.

So it sounds like a problem with the connectors on the ad card slot. You might check if there’s any problem with one of the connectors. Maybe one is bent or broken or corroded.


My GF has the same problems with SD which started after the update to android 9.

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