SD card access for OSMAnd+

Hello everyone,

I just upgraded my FP1 to the alpha version of Android 4.4. And I’m very happy with this, since all Apps work again. There is only one issue remaining, OSMAnd+ is not longer able to access my external SD-card to save maps on it, which is very sad.
I already installed “NextApp SDFix” that repaired write access to MicroSD-cards that was locked by Android 4.4.
However, OSMAnd is not able to access the external storage. Removing and installing the App via F-Droid or Google Play does not change the behaviour.

Is there anyone who could help me or provide valuable hints?

Kind regard

Osmand has some info on this as part of their FAQ:


Thank you very much! This is exactly what I was looking for -
anyhow, I didn’t find it by my self.

Now really everything is working again :sunglasses:

Sincerely, Daniel

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