Scrolling issue

After the latest update screen glitching is solved.
My problem now is when I scroll, especially internet pages, the phone goes by back to the previous page al the time…

This is very annoying, as I have to browse to the page I was visiting. Does anyone recognise this issue?

Which browser are you using?

I always use Chrome.

Try another browser to see if you get the same behaviour.
If not then you could try if clearing the cache to the app Chrome helps
You do this in the separate app Settings
Go to Apps,
Go to Chrome,
Go to Storage and cache.
Clear first the cache
And if this isn’t enough clear the storage.

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I cleaned the cache and history. The problem is still the same. Is there a browser you recommend?

Another screen problem I have is, while texting blue or brown lines appear on the keyboard and random letters appear in the text field. It was worse before the latest update.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I think you are probably experiencing the problem of “ghost inputs” discussed here:

It’s a very long thread I’m afraid …

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