Script to set up ssh login to Ubuntu Touch

After I switched from 15.04 to 16.04 and back again I found it quite a hassle to enable ssh each time again. So I wrote a little script which is available at

Versions for unix/linux and windows exist. A mac version is unrealistic as I don’t have access to one.


Good idea :smiley: ! Enabling SSH is still on my todo list, so when I’ll try it I will consider your script ! For the moment I only use “adb shell”.

For those interrested, a UbuntuTouch user (Kris) made a blog post about several utilisations/applications of SSH :slight_smile: .

There are a few things in that article that I find doubtful

  • “Just remember that increased key length also means slower decryption during your ssh connection”
    • that’s not true, the public/private RSA keys are not used for the actual encryption which is done using a symmetric session key (roughly speaking)
  • “As for the password, it is up to you, but since the keys themselves are considered already higher security than a regular password authentication, I don’t use password with them when meant to deploy them to my UT devices”
    • I find that a dangerous oversimplification
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Updated my repo and added a windows (powershell) version of the script.


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