Screwdriver included with the Fairphone 4?


As I’m not an English speaker I translated my message with DeepL. I hope it will be clear. In principle with DeepL it translates well :slight_smile: .

I would like to buy a Fairphone 4, but I think I read in an article that the screwdriver was included with the Fairphone. Can you confirm this (or not).

There is no screwdriver included with the Fairphone 4.

Some articles reported that it was included because some advance FP4s were sent to journalists with a screwdriver. But this does not apply to the normal consumer packages. For reference: The best fit for the Fairphone 4 is a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

In the past, Fairphone stated that FP3 users had complained that it was a waste of resources to include one with every box (I disagree).

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You may be able to ask for one via email if you do want one :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome and your answers :slight_smile:

It was indeed a journalist and now I remember it was a YouTube channel.

I haven’t ordered the Fairphone yet. But at the same time I would order the screwdriver.


Hi, the screwdriver that was included with my FP3 was so short and small as to be useless. I had to resort to buying a new set anyway. Which I have since used to open and repair other things, so that wasn’t money wasted.

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Why would you want a longer one. The reason for the ‘smallness’ apart from the idea of resources is that it is designed to give the ‘average’ user an approximate or at least limit the torque. The longer the blade and larger handle means better grip and ease to apply pressure as the small handle means hold by fingers not the palm of the hand.

And of course the small one is easy to carry around for those of the cuff options to help.

So far from ‘useless’ as you say, although you seem to have a problem with it :slight_smile:

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For me it was useless, I was unable to get any screws open with it. But maybe some people’s hands work better than mine :wink: I actually gave it a shot before deciding to get a proper mini screwdriver set.

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If you don’t plan to order both the FP4 and a screwdriver together, you might be able to get the latter in a local store as well unless you live really rurally. Just remember the type Phillips #00 (double-L, double-zero). Not to be confused with the Dutch company with just one L :wink:

My experience with the FP3 screwdriver stub was good. As a bonus effect that one has a slight magnetic effect which helps to lift the screws – something that proves much trickier to me with my long regular screwdrivers (not magnetic). However, I find that on the FP4 this “lifting” is much easier even with the non-magnetic regular screwdriver. Maybe the screw heads on the FP4 are protruding more, better allowing the fingernails to do the job.

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It’s part of the accessories Fairphone offers for sale:

(That been said, any similar screwdriver might do I guess. I did though love their bulletproof Kevlar-reinforced USB-C to USB-C Cable 2.0:grin: Each time I pull it out in somebody else’s house to charge my phone, people are afraid their household 6A fuses won’t resist…)

I have already ordered the FP4. But thanks for the info :slight_smile: .

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