Screenshot shutter sound

My FP3 never made a sound effect when taking a screen shot until a few weeks ago. Now it always makes this very loud shutter sound whenever I take a screenshot and I can’t find a way to turn it off. It’s really annoying.
I have my phone on silent mode all the time and I checked that all sounds are disabled in the settings. It only makes the shutter sound when I take a screenshot. There are no sound effects when I take pictures with the camera.
Any solutions?

Hi Antonia

In the holy FP1 days when rooting was still possible without loss of warranty, the shutter sound file on the device could simply be renamed or replaced by silence. The files were in /system/media/audio/ui/.


In my FP3, if I take a screenshot when the FP3 is in vibration mode, it doesn’t make any sound :no_mouth:

Maybe you can try to select “none” in “Notification sound”, in the Sound settings (I have the FP3 in Galician laguage, so maybe these options have not exactly these names). But I’m not sure that this will solve your problem…

Good luck with that! :slightly_smiling_face:

My FP3 has done it since I got it but not on silent. Did you try turning sound off for both calls and media?

I just took two screenshots, one with the sound for calls turned on (got a sound) and one with it turned off (no sound). The same applies when I take a picture using Open Camera. But I do always have media sounds switched off.

I sadly can’t find a file like that.

I always have ALL sounds turned off unless I’m listening to music or watching a video. It doesn’t make a difference. The screenshot sound is still there.

Sadly it doesn’t make a difference. I always have ALL sounds on my phone turned off, unless I’m actively listening/watching some media.

How strange, it must be an error specific to your phone. Perhaps resetting it to its factory settings would fix it?

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Hi Antonia - Einstellungen > Apps und Benachrichtigungen > Alle xxx Apps anzeigen, drei Punkte und „Systemprozesse anzeigen“. Runterscrollen zu System-UI, dort Benachrichtigungen:



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