FP5 Screenshot sound

There seems to be a bug an where around here. I am always on do not disturb to remove all notification sounds but let the phone Ring for Calls. I tried absolutly everything and I could not get rid of the Screenshot Sound but after setting notification Sound to 0, taking a screenshot and setting notification Sound back the Screenshot Sound was gone. When I then turn off do not disturb, take a screenshot and turn it back on again I have a very short noise when taking a screenshot like it tries to play the sound but after about 10 milliseconds it gets muted… very strange.

Not working on my Fairphone 5 with Android 13. Notification is disabled but I still get the Screenshot Sound.

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When I switch ‘don’t disturb’ mode on, the sound is gone.
When I switch ‘don’t disturb’ mode off, the sound is back again.

Why does this screenshot sound even exist?
And why isn’t there a simple setting to switch it off?

I have the same problem.

Searched around a little bit and there’s a system app called System UI, it has a Screenshot switch that is supposed to turn off or silence the notification. But for me it doesn’t work, still getting the annoying blurp even though the switch is off.

Here’s a similar question and an answer that seems to apply to FP5.

Seems discouraging that this was discussed back in 2020 and nobody has bothered to fix it. But I guess the problem is in Android itself and has nothing to do with Fairphone OS.


Hi there,
I have installed latest update FP5.TT45.A.141.20240115, And when phone in normal sounds playing status (all notifications make some sound) I also hear notification sound during screenshot.
Once I switched on DO NOT DISTURB, then only alarm clock is allowed to make any sound.
I tryied it right now, and I can confirm that in do not disturb mode screenshot sound is off.

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