Screenshot gone? Problems with screen when making phone call and notifications

FYI, for anyone who has lost screenshot and doesn’t want to install anything new to restore it, you can still capture screenshots from the app switcher screen. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get to the app switcher (the one that shows the current screen display from all your running apps.) See the icon at the top of each app? Tap the one for the screen you’re interested in and a menu will appear. One of those menu items is “Screenshot”. Tap that, and it will capture the current screen of that app.

It’s not exactly handy, but for a function I don’t need very often, I don’t mind the clunkiness in order to avoid having another app installed. Hopefully a future update will restore the more conventional screenshot methods.


That does not work for everyone, for whatever reason.

For me it does!! Very handy!!

@yvmuell Do you mean that the normal way of screenshotting from the app switcher (via a button at the bottom of that screen) doesn’t work? If so, that doesn’t work for me either. It vanished when I lost all the other methods. But tapping on the app icon to access it from a submenu still works for me. Maybe it will still work for some other people too. At the very least, its one more method to check on before falling back to a new install.

as mentioned already above the new way works for some and not for all,

I already did contact support about this issue, they can’t help me.

And this didnt help?

Nothing helped until now Yvonne :confused:. And it’s pretty annoying I can say.
I wouldn’t know how to change the display duration as the post says.
And support doesn’t know either

A little news and option, if you are inclined

Xposed modules would require Magisk to install, so I wouldn’t recommend it in this specific case.

@Mariannevl So the toast persists really for longer time? Does this happen with all toasts or just the ones from the Gallery app?


Hi @Mariannevl,

@Martin_1964 just proposed the following in a German speaking topic regarding the same issue:

This translates to Settings -> Accessibility -> Timing controls -> Time to take action (Accessibility timeout).

Default should set the mentioned two or three seconds, all other entries of course whatever they state.


Was just about to post the same :smile:

Should be Instellingen → Toegankelijkheid → Bedieningselementen voor timing → Tijd voor actie


Thanks guys but that is not what I mean.
Let me explain: I see notifications on the bottom of the screen when I have done actions. For example: contact added, photo saved or photo shared, or uploading photo, or even agenda item saved.
Don’t you recognize this? No-one?

Yes, the description and shown animation of the option doesn’t really match the affected component. This is what the other topic was about:

Exactly! That is what I mean!

Yeah, it seems the toasts are influenced by Time to take action too, even though one can’t interact with them. You should check this setting and I will file an Android bug report that it may make sense to let toasts disappear after the normal timeout if you click them. This will likely take a year or two, if they even accept it. :slight_smile:

This will likely take a year or two, if they even accept it. … :joy:

Thanks so much!

Ik will give it a try though. Many thanks!

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About screenshot:

Works fine for me. Basically this replaces the button we used to have below the vignette in A11.

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