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I cannot so anymore Screenshots in Whatsapp of any Status posts of other people! How to solve?

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Could you please give some information, about the phone you are using, what software is running on it. If you installed a SD card, how it is formatted. Did the problem occur out of the blue or after an update or something?


I have a fairphone 4 and i have the most recent Software of last Werk, but the problem existed already before. Yes i use a card but do not know how it is formatted

Then please check in the memory overview. Because using a SD card as internal memory often results in problems like the one you described.


What are Screenshots of status posts?

As far as I know, you can’t store the pictures someone posted in his WhatsApp status. So if you want to keep the messages/pictures, you have to take a screenshot.

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Thanks for clarifying :wink:

With the simple gallery you can show hidden folder which includes a WA statuses folder and copy the pictures somewhere else to keep them

Still I guess when Screenshots are lost or whatever, the SD card might well be the reason.

I’m not sure, whether they are stored locally at all.

I see them in the Simple Gallery (Simple Mobile Tools) when enabling hidden folder and can copy them from there, tested it…

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