Screen won't turn on anymore

Hey guys,
I’m having an issue with my FP2 again, that I can’t seem to be resolving on my own this time. I disassembled my screen today to demonstrate how easy it could be changed to a co-worker and when I reassembled it, the screen wouldn’t turn on again. The phone starts, I get vibrations and if I wait long enough it rings when I call my number, but the screen does not react to anything. I’ve had a similar issue before, where the screen wouldn’t start, but that time I fixed it by disassembling and reassembling the screen several times until it worked again, so I figured it was a bad contact. This time however I seem to be unable to get it to work again. I already tried sliding the screen a few milimeters only, in the hope that the contacts would touch on a slightly different spot and I got some cleaning alcohol today and cleaned all the contacts, but that also didn’t work.
Now I’m out of ideas on what else to try and my questions to you guys is whether anyone has another idea before I contact support?
I’m pretty sure that nothing is really broken, as I had the issue before and this time it only occured because I disassembled the screen without handling any part roughly…
Am happy for any reply or any idea you might have. Thanks in advance!


Quick update: I got my hands on another FP2 today and switched around the screens: my screen works fine in the other phone but no screen is willing to turn on on my phone :confused:
I guess that means I’ll habe to contact support, right? :frowning:

I guess you’re right.

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