Screen Unreliability - Often stays black and will not turn on

Hello Forum,
Over the last weeks, my display has been becoming increasingly-unreliable. When I try to turn it on, it stays black.
I know the phone is on because when I click the power button twice, it vibrates taking a picture.
Very often, I must reboot my phone to turn on the display. Sometimes that does not work. I’ve opened the phone multiple times in recent weeks to clean the contacts with alcohol. Sometimes this resurrects the phone, sometimes not. Sometimes it will work for almost an entire day without issue, so I delay reporting it or doing something about it.
I’m assuming that I probably have to do a hard reset as a final step before starting with a warranty claim. …with all the backups and reinstalls involved, thats a bit daunting.
Also, during the reboot, I often do not see the Fairphone splash screen, which I’m guessing is pre-bootloader, meaning that a factory reset will probably be useless.
Are there any other steps I should take before deciding this is a hardware error and starting the warranty process?

You could consult the #blackscreenguide .

Thank you! That is exactly on-topic, however, there are no new solutions that I’ve discovered for my problem so far. At least I know it’s a common issue.

Are there any #fairphoneangels near you?
They could help you find out if it’s a hardware issue by swapping screens.

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, there are none shown in my country.

It is certainly a hardware issue; I’ve been struggling with it extensively over the last week and regularly have to separate the phone to get it working again. Then it fails again by the pressure of popping it back into the case. However, whether the hardware issue is with the screen or the phone is not easy to determine.

I am experiencing exactly the same issue! For me, the problems started tonight. The screen would not respond after clicking the power button. So I thought the battery would be empty, and attached it to a charger. This immediately caused the screen to come alive again, so I thought it had been a temporary glitch and I rebooted the phone.
However, later this evening the same thing happened. Also, the screen started… how do you say that in English, when the screen flickers a lot… :slight_smile: Anyway, I then opened up the phone and cleaned everything. This has not helped a lot. Well, initially it worked again, but after a while it stopped working. I have noticed though, that by holding the upper part of the phone firmly between my fingers and then clicking the power on button I can sometimes wake up the screen. This of course is not a real solution. :wink:
Anyway, I have opened a support ticket to have this resolved. The display module is only 7 months old, so there still must be warranty. I just hope it isn’t the core module itself that’s broken, because that’s a lot older than 7 months (it’s one of the first 17,418 :slight_smile: )
I would not do a factory reset if I were you! It’s most likely a hardware problem, I think. Hopefully, only replacing the display module will all it takes to solve this problem.

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