Screen trouble + reboot all the time


Since last week, my fairphone has trouble with the screen, it’s shuting down all the time, and sometime the screen reboot.

this happen often when the phone get a little shock on the back (by shock, i mean even puting the phone on a table is enough)

What should i do?

This happens when the battery is not sitting tightly in the frame. A small (folded) paper to bridge the gap fixes this.

This is a duplicate topic, please continue here if you have further questions:

Hello, i recently posted my problem here Screen trouble + reboot all the time

But the solution i received didn’t work. Any other ideas?

Do you have a new (slim) cover?
In that case switching Power and Camera Buttons could help:

No i don’t it’s the old one.

The screen goes black (half of the time ) when i push the back of the screen from the volume to the top middle of thé screen.

Then my next guess would be a connection issue. Try to #disassemble your screen and carefully clean the connectors. It may be a good idea to do the same with the other modules too. Then put everything back in order making sure it all fits tightly.


i’m finally tried to disassemble my fairphone. I’m not a noob in this adventure, i’ve allready changed the screen of another fairphone 2.

For my fairphone, i can’t remove the screen. I’ve unlocked the 2 blue lock at the bottom but i can’t slide the screen off the main component it’s stuck.

What should i do?

You’ll find the trick if you click this link: #disassemble