Screen timeout FP3

Can anyone help with FP3 display settings?

My brand new FP3 screen times out after 15 seconds, no matter what time I change it to in the settings. This really impacts me reading patterns or instructions with my hands full, and also writing or composing - if I have to unlock the screen again every time I’ve taken a few seconds to think or try something, that makes getting work to flow impossible.

Please help! I don’t want to send my phone back over something so seemingly trivial, but having such a big impact on how I work

Many Thanks

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since there was no answer to your previous attempt on October 14, I can only recommend to to contact the official Fairphone support via phone or website form. I cannot reproduce your issue on my device.

Have you tried Safe mode

to see if the problem persists? If it does not, one of the apps that you have installed might be the culprit.

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Just checked on my phone, it’s never more than 30sec until the screen goes dark. Setting is under Display > Screen Timeout. Funnily enough setting 15sec makes the screen dim after 15sec, so this must be the right setting. Somehow.

Oh by the way, there’s an app called Caffeine Tile on FDroid. It’s adding a tile to your settings bar (that one when you drag down from top, with WiFi BT Airplane mode on, not sure what the proper name for it is).

Just tried, seems to work still (have only used it years ago and on other phones).

Maybe that could help you, too?


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Thanks for the reply - Safe mode makes no difference I’m afraid, so it must be a glitch on the phone itself. I’ll see what official support can do for me! Cheers

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That’s definitely the right setting, my problem is that it isn’t working properly. I need my screen to stay on for at least 5 minutes, but even changing the setting to 30 minutes makes no difference, it still goes dark after 15 secs.

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Same with mine, equally annoying - did you ever get a reply from Fairphone support?

I don’t see any confirmation that @corylus_avellana asked for official support, let’s hope they did and you get some idea of a solution too.

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I think Caffeine Tile is defunct, not supported any more. There is another app KeepOn, which unlike Caffeine Tile at least opens and appears to function, but does not actually work - presumably it is just a short cut to the Settings for Screen Timeout, and if those Settings are faulty then the App won’t work.

Thanks. I have now asked for official support, I’ll post here what they say when they say it

Yes probably a good idea though they may ask you to reset the phone so get ready to save any personal data you have.

Just to clarify
a) I have no problem extending the screen time out to 30 minutes

b) With my usual 30 second timeout I don’t have to login again. If the screen goes blank/dark/off if I press the power button, within a second or so, the screen comes back on.

This is with default FPOS Android 10 version 0084 and very few extra apps that could be interfering. Good luck

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You’re right, but there’s a very similar one, called “Coffee” (it’s available in F-Droid), which is supported (last update 4 weeks ago) and works very well (using it every day, damn Reddit :wink:



Thank you so much, and this one does work!! Brilliant. It purely stops the Screen going to sleep, so it just keeps it on until you turn it off.