Screen Time out sometimes does not activate after Android 12 update

Since I have updated my FP4 to Android 12 the function of screen time out after say 30 seconds does not always be activated.

I have the same issue. Also not really liking the large digital time on the lock screen. We seem to be missing some control over Android 12. I wonder how much testing was done before deployment.

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After the latest update of March 2023 the screen time out bug is still not fixed, screen time out works sometimes, sometimes it does not. I hope Fairphone will finally solve this.

In May 2023 my Fairphone 4 still has the bug that the screen time-out at random does not work

Hi @mikemc and @Paul88

Neither of you mention having contacted Fairphone Support. This is a community forum, they have no obligation to read it regularly.
See #contactsupport

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I have contacted support