Screen stays lit while charging

I miss one feature that I find anoying - but maybe I didn’t find the righjt setting yet. When the phone is charging the display is continually on - and to be honest, I don’t need illumoination if the phone is just charging - how can I correct that?
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The screen shouldn’t sty on while charging unless you checked “stay awake” in developer options.

I didn’t check “aktiv bleiben” - but the phone stayed fully lit this morning for at least 30 minutes. Now it calmed down.
Two days ago it kept coming back to life to tell me that the battery status was 15%. Very annoying. I switched it off in the end.
Now it obviously fell asleep - but after I checked you hint, now it keeps coming back to life even though there are not even new messages.

In Settings > Display > Sleep you can set how fast the screen falls asleep and the highest value is 30 minutes. Maybe you set it to the maximum?

Another thing that comes to mind: Maybe you have an app installed that has permission to keep the screen awake. Check especially the apps that are running in the background (Settings > Apps > Active).

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I don’t think ist has anything to do with the falling asleep. That is
set on 30 seconds.
The phone does, what it wants. Sometimes it remains dark, sometimes it
stays full lit for a longer period than the falling asleep time.
I also think that that prolongs the charging time. Which is highly

And how exactly do I check, whether an app has this specific permission?