Screen stays black after reboot


i got my new Fairphone 2 yesterday. Yesterday evening and this morning it worked fine. About half an hour ago I turned it off and after i turned it on again, the screen just stayed black. It seems to boot, because it vibrates after pressing the power button. But the screen stays black. I also can’t put the phone in recovery mode.
It seems to react to the loud button but the screen is still black and i can’t see anything.

Does anybody got any ideas for me? Thank you!

So the screen doesn’t display anything at any time?

In that case first thing I’d try is to open up the phone, take out the battery, dismount the screen and then put it all together again.

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Yes. The screen stays black all the time.
I dismounted the screen, but it didn’t help.

Could it be the battery then?
Did you already successfully charge your phone? If not maybe you just have to try another charger/cable/socket.

The only other possibility I can think of is that a connection is loose. You could let someone who has knowledge of electronics take a look inside your phone.

Anyways, if the problem persists, I’d contact support tomorrow.

Yes it charged successfully. I’ll get in touch with the support. Thank you!

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I have the exact same problem, was there any fix in the end? Or did the phone need to go bacK

I had to return my phone and got a new one. The display was broken. You should contact the support.

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Thanks, I have already sent an email but not had a reply yet :/. Did they just replace the screen?

If this started happening with the latest update than it may be this bug we found:

Doesn’t work for me :frowning:

What doesn’t work for you?

The screen stays black. I tried to remove and replace battery ans screen or long presse on power Burton butnit doesn’t work

Well have you tried disabling adaptive brightness and setting the brightness level to medium?

The screen is black, but I tried to entre m’y password, scroll the notification bar ans increase luminosity but it didn’t worl

I have tried everything listed too - the screen just remains black, the back light lights up a little but thats it. And the LED in the top left corner still works. Aside that, nowt :frowning:

If the screen stays black all the time, vibration and LED still works and dismounting the screen and cleaning the connectors doesn’t help, then the screen is probably broken.
In that case contact support to get it replaced.

I’m closing this thread now as the title is confusing and we have better fitting topics for blackscreen issues.

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