Screen rotate not working FP4

hi i am having trouble with my FP4 not being able to screen rotate

i have tried reinstalling the os without success and off courses tried turning screen rotate off and on again many times.

anybody have any idea how to fix this issue

Hi @christian_olsen

I got no fix for it at hand but you could test your gyro sensors (= the sensors for detecting rotation etc) work properly by using the app Phyphox (cost free & ad free from the RWTH university of Aachen/Germany)

It´s a toolset for physical testing and analysis and you can get it either on F-droid or also in the Google Playstore

When you open it select Gyroscope
To start the gyro test you have to click the play button on the top (blue mark on the screenshot).
Then you should be able to see directly the graphs moving whenever you move/rotate the device in (yellow marked section)



thanks i will try that

ok so after installing PHYPHOX the app tells me that it cant sense my gyroscope

does anybody know how to proceed from here??

Use the phone dialler to get to system tests.

and contact before too long if you get no sense of the giro

i think i just found the reason and solution in the forums

i tried ubuntu touch on my phone and only lost the sensors after reinstalling FPOS

so if anybody else has these problems it can be because you played with your device
the thread i found the solution in is called

Phone sensors stopped working after installing experimental image


Yes. There is a way to restore after using UBT. Be careful though as explained in the instructions.

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