Screen replacement London

…I have searched the forum and can only find tangentially related topics. Surely there is someone in London who can replace a screen (2nd batch)? I have a political press job, and we are in an election period so not being able to answer the phone is a very, very big problem. I am really looking to expedite the process and not wait for delivery of new screen, or else send phone off to Europe. Have to say the co-op have been worse than useless, and on a business account, too. Frustratingly, the screen is not cracked, but holding the phone at a certain angle revels a hairline fracture - not that I recall any bad drops or knocks but it is enough to disable the entire bottom third of the screen. I have spent several hours searching and calling all sorts of places and I very much wish I had any other kind of phone right now. Is any kind soul able to give benefit of experience?

I would be highly surprised if spare parts would be available in London.

I guess you have to either order a replacement screen from FP and replace the screen yourself (or ask someone in a repair shop to do that; a instruction is on iFixit) - or you have to send it to Almere, using the FP support. They try to streamline the whole process to a maximum of 15 days. This is a long time, given the nature of your job, but it’s the best advice I can give you.

If you send it in, remember to do a proper backup (not using the out-of-the-box backup app, which does NOT save all of your data).

Fingers crossed there will be someone who has a spare phone (or probably two) for you to use for the meantime.


Unfortunately spare parts aren’t widely available because the phone isn’t.

Your only hope would be to try contacting Fairphone (they have a phone number active during day hours at the bottom of this link) and see if you could get them to expedite a replacement screen for you.

I doubt the Phone Co-op would be able to do much as they don’t offer repairs or replacement parts… it would be helpful if they did! So I’m not surprised they haven’t been able to sort this for you. Unfortunately it’s own Fairphone directly that will be able to help unless you can get hold of a second hand one quickly and cheaply

Order a new screen from the webshop and replace it yourself. Trust me, it really isn’t that hard.