Screen protector with blue light filter doesn't stick

Hi all,

I’ve just bought an FP3 as a Christmas gift. I’m quite satisfied with the phone (even if it keeps rebooting… but I’ve written to the support and I’m confident we’ll find a solution) Together with the phone I also bought some accessories and among them the screen protector with blue light filter.

Yesterday I tried to paste the screen protector on the phone. I strictly followed the instructions on the envelope containing the cleaning kit.

The screen protector got immediately stuck on all the surface except the upper right corner. I kept it pressed for some minutes but as soon as I removed my finger it came off. I put a weight on it (around 2Kg) all the night long to keep the screen protector attached to the phone screen and give time to the glue to dry. This morning I removed the weight and the screen protector upper right corner came off again.

Now the phone looks really bad with the upper right corner of the protector not stuck to the screen.

Did anybody experience the same problem?

I was thinking of getting rid of the screen protector but I’m scared the screen can break, leaving the phone in an even worst situation.

Moreover, the screen protector oleophobic coating seems to be quite poor as after typing for half less than an hour the screen was already dirty (and no… it was not because my hands were dirty :slight_smile: ).

Last but not least, the touch screen response now seem to have worsened. When I type quickly not all characters are read by the keyboard and also the gesture for scrolling a web page sometimes is not recognized and the page doesn’t scroll. This is a problem I’ve never noticed on my previous phones nor on the FP3 before sticking on it the protector.

I’ve really been disappointed by this purchase (and it’s not cheap at all…).

Anyway… to go back to the point… does anybody experienced the first problem I mentioned? If so, did you find a workaround? Do you think removing the screen protector is an option or it’ll get things even worse?

Thanks to all.


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If you have a close look at the “loose” corner of the protector – can you spot if the protector itself or the display seems to have an uneven surface? If it is the latter, you might want to check if the display is firmly attached to the main body of the phone all around. Gently push the display and the main body of the phone together alongside all the display edges. You might get to hear slight clicks if this results in closing some remaining gaps.

Just a simple idea that shouldn’t hurt to try.


I can’t see anything strange neither on the protector nor on the display. I’ve also checked with a magnifying glass and pressed to see if the display could not have been properly attached but from that point of view also no results.

The protector on that corner is just raised from the surface that tenth of mm. The only thing I can think of is that the protector is somehow bended on the corner. But I think the glue and a night spent under a 2 Kg weight should have been fixed that problem.

Thanks for you support.

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I have the exact same problem here, i’ve also tried to leave it under heavy books but it didn’t change a thing.

I would strongly recommend to both of you to contact Fairphone Support about this (if you haven’t done so already). Perhaps a batch of these protectors has an incomplete adhesive layer underneath.

@Alix_Hope is it the upper right corner on yours, too?

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I’ve just written to the support.

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Don’t think putting weight on it will do anything since it shouldn’t be strong so not to leave marks, it’s just sticky adhesive substance like the one on sticky notes. You can take it off and apply it again. Check if the corner has that adhesive substance on it.

If you received only one screen protector and not at least two that’s not a good practice on part of fairphone, these things are very easy to botch, in my practice I usually botch it first time, but the non official protectors come in packs of 3 or at least 2 just for that occasion.

I’ve completely removed it as it was very bad and, by touching it, it seems the upper right corner had glue on it as all the rest of the screen protector surface.

I’ve stuck it to my table to make a test (without cleaning it before, so far away from the ideal situation) and I can’t see any problem on the upper right corner, it adheres perfectly to my table.

The problem seems related to the phone display surface…


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