Screen protector folie

Does anyone use a screen protector folie on his phone? If so, which one does fit best? Or is there a need for screen protectors custom made by Fairphone itself?

I’ve ordered the Vikuiti protector folie DQCT130 a few days ago. As soon as i get it, i can give you some feedback :wink:

Yes, I do. I ordered the Vikuiti MySafeDisplay Displayschutzfolie DQCT130 and am currently using it.

It’s cut well and fits the phone without any problems.

My main issue was the finger prints on the screen. Those still happen (which is a pity), but much less and they can be simply wiped off, which is not so easy without the protector.

In summary I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

While on the topic of screen protectors. There seems to be a matte screen protector on Amazon from Vikuiti as well. Does anyone have experience with this one, or other matte screen protectors for the Fairphone?

i have this one

and almost no problem with fingerprints at all

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Do I need a “for FP made” foil? (If so why aren’t there any offered in the FP shop?)

@aexl Personally I think those are the best (and easiest to apply to the phone), since they have the exact measurements of the Fairphone, where there’s a hole exactly where the speakers are etc.
I’m not sure if there’s another phone with the same measurements of the display.
I think there are also universal Screen Protectors that you can cut yourself. Not sure how good they work with the rounded corners on the phone and stuff.

Thanks, Kris_S. Then I might as well buy a matte one. But maybe a little cheaper.
Or is 3M “better”?

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@aexl I don’t know if “3M” is better, or what the quality difference is between different brands. The 3M one was just the only one I found on Amazon. But I doubt there’s much that can go wrong with the cheap one you found. I’ll probably try that one myself!

Hi folks,
I’m using this screen protector: and so far I’m quite happy. It fits perfectly, I didn’t had to clean fingerprints of my screen once and its visibility is fine even with bright daylight.
Con: it looks a bit like the resolution got worse, so I had to get used to that, but that is a problem you’ll probably encounter with all sorts of this protection layers.


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i am using a screen protector foil as well. My is from 3m and costs ab 10€. I had very bad experiences with cheap foils (less then 2€ per foil) sold in packs of three or five. They never lasted more then a few weeks.

Mine is about 2 months old now. The proctector already has some small scratches, but “installation” was very easy. Display quality did not suffer. Actually i do not really notice the fail when using the phone. Small advice: If live near to each other and consider buying them, every third foil is free, so if you buy 2 you get 3. Given you can send them via mail for a less then a € in the EU a collective order might even make sense.

I bought mine directly from a manufacturer. They offer different types, i bought the ADGC27. It is specifically cut for the Fairphone and fits perfectly:

I am using the “Vikuiti DQCT130” and can confirm that it fits very well on the Fairphone.
It still doesn’t avoid finger smudges though, but there’s a noticeable improvement over the naked glass.

Can’t say anything about scratches because it is too early (couple of days) and also because luckily I’m not so “scratch-prone”.

EDIT: The folie is gone.

I have on spare ADGC27 screen protector available i would give away. If you are interested, please consider a donation to FeministFrequency (Trigger Warning: This website educates about sexual objectification of female characters in popular computer games and is not for children.) and send me a personal message.


While I’m not interested in the screen protector (and risk going off topic here) I wanna thank you for bringing this to my attention, haven’t heard about it before.

Hi Ben, I see the one you got is also a Vikuiti from 3M, how would you say it performs in regard to finger smudging?

Actually I have the impression it is quite prone to finger smudging.

That’s too bad, I was hoping a different model would be better than the one I have.
Maybe I’ll try madde’s suggestion.


Hi, quick question, the screen protectors on online shops say FP1 - fairphones. are the dimensions and placing of the camera, speaker etc, the same for second batch fairphones

Hi @beatliturgist,
yes the dimensions of FP1 and FP1U (& placement of camera, speaker, usb, microphone, etc.) are the same!

thank you for that! So helpful.