Screen protector folie

Actually I have the impression it is quite prone to finger smudging.

That’s too bad, I was hoping a different model would be better than the one I have.
Maybe I’ll try madde’s suggestion.


Hi, quick question, the screen protectors on online shops say FP1 - fairphones. are the dimensions and placing of the camera, speaker etc, the same for second batch fairphones

Hi @beatliturgist,
yes the dimensions of FP1 and FP1U (& placement of camera, speaker, usb, microphone, etc.) are the same!

thank you for that! So helpful.

Thankfully received, @ben.

Unfortunately since this is my first smartphone I applied it wrongfully. You have to really watch the edges (by a tenth of a millimeter) or you will get air underneath!
Nevertheless I still think this is not more prone to fingerprints then the FP glass itself.

Last time I was in a shopping mall (can I name in, in this forum? don’t know if it’s essential anyway) and I aw screen protector fluid. According to the cover, it would be “stronger” then a screen protector sticker.
Maybe that’s a solution too, for our rare and beautiful phone?
Anyone has experience with it?

Hi to all

I am using a screen protector for Fairphone from Amazon (
It fits the screen perfectly and I am very satisfied with it.

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What can you say about finger smudging?

Hi Van

well, it’s not really clear to me what you mean by “finger smudging”, but I have not noticed fingerprint marks. The film gets “oily” from time to time, which is normal if you ask me. The issue is solved by a simple swipe using a soft cloth :slight_smile:
The films are extremely cheap (2 Euros for 6) and I have been using one for 2 weeks now. It applied perfectly, no “bubbles” or air pockets. I have not used the phone without a screen protection at all, so I can’t say if sensitivity is reduced compared to not using one. I can definitely confirm that the screen responds well though.
I hope that replies your question.


[quote=“Ioanna, post:26, topic:752”]
well, it’s not really clear to me what you mean by “finger smudging”, but I have not noticed fingerprint marks. The film gets “oily” from time to time, which is normal if you ask me. The issue is solved by a simple swipe using a soft cloth [/quote]

I was meaning exactly that. It is indeed quite normal for the screen to get finger marks, but it seems some protectors are better than others at not becoming a mess, so I was hoping you could provide a positive testimony about yours. :wink:

Hi again Van,

I don’t have much experience on different screen protectors to quantify this skill, but I’d easily say that it does not get “oily” very often and it generally has a matte surface. Giving it a try would answer all your questions I guess…and hey, it’s just a screen protector you are buying after all, right?


I have bought swido crystal clear screenprotectors. A collegue of mine said he used his 3 protectors to have it right on his iphone. So i bought 2 packages of 2 protectors. It seems i’m a bit handier then my collegue and now i have a extra set. I was going to keep it for in case the foil loosens but that isn’t going to happen soon. So if someone is interested in the screen protectors let me know.

It fits perfectly and works like a charm :wink:

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I see that these Vikuiti DQCT130 foils don’t have a cutout for the proximity sensor.
So I wonder, do people who use this see any influence (eg. the phone acting weird when calling, not turning on the screen after the call, and so on) ?
I’d like to know before I order them :slight_smile:

I use a diamond clear screen protector by afinitics and I’m quite content. The package was 8,90 EUR for 3 protectors, the application worked like a charm (with the first try), the fit is perfect. The screenprotector also has no cutout for the proximity sensor but I didn’t notice any change in the handling of my FP. I’d recommend them, especially because of the easy application and the durability that seems much better compared to the cheap screenprotectors I bought for my old phone (6 for 2 EUR).

Where did you buy the folie? Which size? I guess there is no one made for fairphone? I have finaly repaired my cracked screen and now i will take care of it! =)

What do you think about this ?

I bought this one when I received my phone 1 year ago and I feel very comfortable, it is easy to apply and lasts about 6 months (it doesn’t damage but obviously it scratches…after all it’s its job! :P), they send you a third free item if you buy 2, so I have yet another one remaining after 1 year…
Looking at the site I can see they have already FP2 folies available! :open_mouth:
I have to admit I am curious to try a matte and/or anti-reflective folie, because outside and under sunlight I hate reflections on the screen (but I suppose also without a folie it would be the same)
Bye! :smile:

I can’t find the dimensions easily but I think that they write of FP1U as FP2 since they put “FP2 (2014)”…