Screen orientation unreliable


I just migrated from a Samsung S10 to the FP4 and after some days of use I have constant issues with the screen orientation. The S10 was sometimes reluctant to rotate the screen and now the Fairphone often rotates if I only think of moving my hand.

I even had apps opening in landscape orientation with the phone laying on a perfectly level table.

The sensor gives an angle of 0.7° (left/right) laying flat and the flip normally happens at 20° so it looks like some software glitch.

Anyone else who has this issue and maybe some advice what to do about it?



I haven’t got an FP4, but I find that in Android 10 (Murena /e/OS) on my FP3 I get offered the temporary option to rotate the screen with a little symbol in the screen corner – although auto-rotation is deactivated in my settings. So you won’t have it rotating accidentally, but still get an easy way to rotate it when necessary. Perhaps that’s also possible in your FP4’s Fairphone OS Android 11?

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Yes, that is posible with the FP4.


oh, I did not know this feature. Works well on FP4. Thanks!


I can confirm that the auto-rotation triggers too often. While Urs’ hint is a good workaround for the time being I contacted support about it (with low priority) so that it might eventually get changed. Auto-rotation is quite convenient if it works as expected :wink:


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Just FYI: I called disabling auto-rotate a “workaround” in my last post.
But in fact, ever since I’ve changed that setting, I probably had to manually switch orientation just a handful of times. It more feels like a feature by now :slight_smile: