Screen on brightness fix flow for Automate

Here’s another flow for Automate, this one fix the screen on brightness problem that has been reported in another thread. Parameters can be customized if necessary by changing the flow blocks.

Screen on brightness fix, version 1.1.
Make sure to give permissions to all necessary Automate functions.

Download flow here.

Flow diagram:


Now, isn´t that something…you got the boulder rolling now, eh…? :wink:
You seem to have quite an interesting digital tinker box at your hand…:+1:

And you friendliness to sharing is appreciated and worth being mentioned.


Updated flow to version 1.1: increased brightness under intense ambient light and increased sensor stabilization delay before triggering auto-brightness mode to avoid occasional fallback into low brightness.

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That sound very good, just take care not turning the main display into a torch making the backside flashlight obsolete… :joy:

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