Screen notification wake time too short

The Fairphone 4 does not have a notification LED or any other means of persistent notifications.

The in the moment notifications include waking the screen with some information about the notifications, such as which app send the notification and some context depending on your privacy settings. However, this wake time is very brief. This brief wake time makes it harder to determine if you should check the notification immediately, because often the screen already turns off before you can have a look.

An iPhone uses the same mechanism to alert people of notifications. However, the wake time of that screen is longer, about 10 seconds. While the Fairphone 4 only wakes the screen for a few seconds.

I asked Fairphone support if they could include a setting to customize this wake time, that way it may be set to show an alert for a longer period, perhaps also 10 or even 60 seconds.

Their response:

This is a good idea and we’ll pass it on to our developers as a feature request.
Please keep in mind that they’re currently very busy and I can’t give you any sort of timeline as to when it might be implemented.