Screen Mirroring

I can’t find it in the settings. Is it gone from Android 9? Or does ist require special hardware that is missing on the FP3?

Can it be added by installing an app?

Not sure if they are the same things, but in Android 9 there is “Streaming” to mirror the phone on an external screen.

It’s sadly not the same thing and my tv only supports screen mirroring

I’m pretty sure it should be the same thing - but it doesn’t work with my Fire TV either. Maybe a bug?


I have a Samsung-TV with Screen Mirroring, too.
I used the built in Streaming-Function of the Fairphone 3 and allowed the access on the TV.
Now it works: Fairphone 3 screen content on the TV with only minimal delay.

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Ok i will try it again. You mean the Settings->Connected devices->Connection preferences->Cast functionality?
And on my Samsung TV (Tizen OS) Input select->Screen mirroring
If it doesn’t work maybe my TV has an outdated version of the protocoll (any information on that?), saddly no new updates for it.

Settings->Connected devices->Connection preferences->Cast

Yes this i mean.
But on the TV i did not use “Input Select”.
I just turned on the TV, then waited a little bit and during the normal TV-Programm I started the Cast functionality on the Fairphone 3. On the Fairphone 3 I selected the TV to connect
[TV] UExxxxxxxx
Then on the TV Screen a message asked to allow connection with the TV. I used the remote control of the TV and pressed the “Allow” Button on the screen.
Then the Screen content of the Fairphone 3 is shown on the TV.
That’s all. I wish you good luck and success that it will work on your TV, too.

Hmmm… so, it should work with my Fire TV and Windows 10 laptop - but my FP3s Cast feature doesn’t find neither when I start their respective apps to work as screen mirroring receiver. Any idea why?

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