Screen is non responsive and has visible glitch


i don’t know how to describe my problem. Since last month my screen sometimes shows glitches, so that the status bar (top) is shown three times below, or that the user buttons below are a bit higher than normal and on the original position there is a black bar.
Screen is non responsive at that moment and turning of and on of the screen, most of the time this works.
But sometimes you need to keep the power button untill restart.
I can’t find anything on the forum and i didn’t succeeded with a screen shot yet.



I think it is a software problem but try this:

  1. Take off the screen, clean the connectors and re-install the screen.
  2. Uninstall recently installed/updated apps. (The recently updated apps are visible within Google Play Story - Menu - My apps.) Please note that your data within the uninstalled apps will be deleted.
  3. Try a factory reset. Of course, your data and apps will be deleted!

Hi Tofra,

thank you for your reply.
I will try the options: i guess i start with 1 and work my way down if it doesn’t work…

i’ll keep you posted

So, i tried option 1.
It worked for a while, but the last few days screen is acting up again. What also seems: fp2 doesn’t like to be cold. The screen keeps glitching, some clear white-ish line on top of it.

Also the screen sometimes freezes and all i see is a black illuminated screen with two small blue dots (where it my laptop i would say broken pixels) somewhere on my screen (same spots everytime though).

Am thinking of doing a factory reset, but don’t feel like doing the hassle with finding all to install again.
(secrletly i’m waiting for sailfish to hit the ground)


So after a lot of glitch the last few week, i finnaly reset the phone completly. al my apps are back in place and this morning the phone seems to be working fine. Hope it will stay this way…

Hi Tofra,

even a factory reset didn’t work, the first few hours were ok, but the day after it just staterd to go glitching again.
i will now try to get some pictures of my screen while being glitchy and send them tpo the support of FP.
I hope they can help me with this

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