Screen goes black when making calls

When I make calls the screen goes all black. It goes black when I put the phone on my ear. I have to use the loudspeaker when I make calls! I rarely use earphones because I wear hearing aid. When the screen goes black I can’t even turn off the phone at all. I have to take off the battery to finish the call!
What’s up with that?

Now I got a new case for my phone, not a soft one that was easy to remove, this is like a snapcase and I don’t know how to remove it! Got it yesterday and put it on straight away. I also bought a new camera and would like to install it, but I can’t open the snapcase. :confused:

Go to settings -> maintenance and recalibrate the proximity sensor.
That should fix the issue.


Thank you! I hope it works. But when I put my finger over the proximity sensor the curtain falls down and I can’t click on Next…

To avoid this, I think you need to move your fingertip towards the spot from the bottom and not from the upper end of the screen.

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