Screen glitching and acting wierdly

Hi there,

I’m experiencing some troubles with my FP2’s screen.

This one is sometimes freezing with some glitchs happens just after (Ok, i find this beautiful, but sometimes i prefere the phone working as i expected!), on other cases it just do stroboscope effect (very fast switch between normal display and black screen), and finally sometimes when i want to unlock the phone the screen stay black. But on any of theses problems, the solution is to push randomly on the phone, between the screen and the back, i’ve already try to desassembling it all, but don’t find anything anormal, and clean it all. But it’s always happening, more and more frequently.

When i reassemble the phone without any other part that the main and the screen, it appears to be solved… the screen is working well.

It’s clean for me that there is a connect problem between screen and phone. But is there maybe something special to look at for this kind of problems? Or any ideas?

Thanks for help.

If the parts don’t work well together you can #contactsupport as long as you have warranty on them.

Beforehand, if you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity they could perhaps help you identify which part exactly is the culprit by swapping parts.

FairphoneAngels is a very good idea!

I think i’m out of the warranty, but maybe the support can help.

I’ve take a look there, but i’m in Paris and there is actually no Angels around!

Then you could perhaps try your luck here in French …

@jaymanu can maybe help.

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Looking on the thread you suggested, make me think that i’ve a friend with a FP2, so maybe i can check with his phone, if it’s coming from the screen or the mother board.

thanks for help!


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