Screen flashing between all the apps and not responding

My week old Fairphone 2 has been fine but today started flashing between various different apps, typing things into browsers on its own, opening up loads of random stuff and not responding except to close the screen, but every time I open it up again it happens. I['ve taken the battery out several times but each time I turn it on again its the same. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hey @becky_l1
welcome to the forum and sorry for the late reply.
The issue you describe is not a known software issue so I guess it’s a problem with the hardware.
You should first try to dismount your screen (for help on this see here) and carefully clean the contacts. Then put the screen back in place and make sure it fits well (e.g. there are no gaps which disappear if you put pressure on the phone).
If that doesn’t help you should contact support to get a replacement.

I’ve got exactly the same problem since a few days. Did you solve it by dismounting the screen ?

I also face the same problem my Fairphone 2 has properly working but from last few days some apps flashing and shows lots of popups, i really don’t what should i do and i am not able to make it close all those popups apps like showbox, various news apps all showing the same issue

Please Help
Thanks in advance

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Sounds like the same as mine. I emailed Fairphone and they could only
suggest removing the screen, that didnt work for me. I think the solution
is to send it back but they arent responding to my emails now :frowning:

Hi, no it didnt work for me. They’ve now not responded to my email since
Saturday, I think the only solution is to send it back really.

Hi, I wanted to command a new screen, but it’s sold out. I’m affraid we can leave our FP2 in a corner for a while…

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