Screen flashes/crashes during calls/audio files

I have an Fp1 and whenever I receive an audio file or get a call I am unable to close the call or end the audio as the screen flashes for a millisecond the call screen and then returns to black…
I have been stuck for very long minutes on people’s answering machines as a result which isn’t great…
I was thinking about a factory reset, but then I’ll lose all the updates that were made by FP right? Or can I download them somewhere?
One last, perhaps, unrelated question: should I install an antivirus, if so, which one? Free & open source type…

I also cannot use my mobile provider app because they don’t support anything below android 5… And so many other apps, but that’s another story completely…

A factory reset leaves you on the same operating system version as before – so you don’t need to re-do all the updates. :slight_smile:

Does the power button not help either with the unwanted black screen?

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Maybe there is an issue with your proximity sensor. Usually the screen turns black when you move your phone close to your ear. This avoids that you press any buttons with your ear.

Can you test your proximity sensor? I use the app SatStat from F-Droid for this.

SatStat Screenshot: Distance measure (“Abstand (cm)”) turns from 1 (proximity sensor not covered) to 0 (proximity sensor covered).

The proximity sensor hides next to the loudspeaker:

For the other questions, please search (:mag:) the forum, or start new topics. :slight_smile:

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Funny thing is - the F-droid app stopped working a while back and was making my phone crash until I uninstalled it… Apparently the old android version does not like the newer F-droid versions…

Good reply, I changed the option to end calls via the power button and that does it !
Thank you.

Maybe G-Droid works better? It’s an alternative client for the F-Droid repository and works with Android 4+. I believe one motivation behind this fork was to work better on older devices. It generally doesn’t work very smoothly yet though. Was just released yesterday or so.

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