Screen fail: several letters on keyboard out of use

My Phone has a weird fail lately. I fell a sleep with my Phone in my pants and for some strange reason, my screen is been acting weird ever since.
At first it acted as if it was being touched. So It started scrolling through my menu and opened some apps.
I cleaned my screen, installed a virusscanner (came down negative), changed my keyboard-settings and now it is a bit better… Now I can’t use one letter on every row on my keyboard.

What are my options?
How can i troubleshoot my Phone?
I see the replacement screens are out of stock, what can I do?

Yes, that is a pity. I’m not sure if FP support has some left for warranty cases. So if your phone/screen is less than 2 years old do the #touchscreentest and send them the results.

thanks. I did the touchscreentest and found out it is a hardware-problem.
I will indeed send them the results.

Is this a warranty issue?

If your screen failed two years after the date of the delivery than yes. This is highly unlikely thought, as we are already in August now. It depends on your delivery date though.

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