Screen edges do not respond for inputs when touching

Hello everybody,

tried the last update automatically (which fails: system shows Android version 4.2.2 but updater says I’m using Cherry). Tried several times to reinstall 1.8 and then 1.6 again. Same problems:

  1. When I try to open the side-menu touching in the middle of the screen of the left side the menu appears and when I try to slide into one of the 5 links the menu disappears immediately. So at the moment I have to access every single app via system settings/apps. Extremely annoying.

  2. When restarting the phone I can not access the 0-number on the virtual keyboard on the right side in vertical mode. Only number 9 is responding.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Seems you’ve got multiple problems there.

Please check out my post on the “Buttons pressed randomly” thread, to check whether the unresponsiveness of the touch screen this is a hardware issue or not.

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Sorry, took a while to follow your tutorial.

Okay, seems the Fairphone has a hardware defect. Almost the whole right side doesn’t respond anymore (stays “red”) and the left side responds with random lines (which explains the strange behaviour when trying to open the menu).

Okay, but how can it be that the defect appears exactly after updating the FP to “Kola Nut”?

I moved a post to an existing topic: Buttons pressed randomly

Support answered me to ship my FP to FP-service center. Will reply here again if I got it back.

Hi, my fairphone after owning it for 1 year and half with basically no problems, now the right side of the screen is very insensitive. I have to do the same movement many times, sometimes with nothing happening. What should I do?? It is very annoying.

Do the #touchscreentest and check, if it looks similar to the photo in the post above. If yes, you need to arrange a repair or buy a new display when they are back in stock.

I did the #touchscreentest , and the right side squares turn green, but no white lines. And the bottom right and left corner doesn’t turn green.

Your screen is broken then. You need to buy a replacement screen (they should be back in stock soon), or arrange for a repair with Fairphone.

I don’t know if my phone is under warranty. Warranty is two years? If so, the replacement screen is free?

Yes, warranty is two years.