Screen doesnt rotate (screen rotation is ticked)

Hey there, from the first day on (January 2016) I have problems with the screen rotation of my FP2. During a small period it worked but most of the time it doesnt. Then sometimes suddenly it rotates even though I didnt tilt the phone. I tried to tick and untick the screen rotation, switched the phone off and on, installed all software updates but it didnt help. I read that it is possible to reboot the g-sensor - how does that work or do you have other solutions?

Just a try, calibrate your compass:

If your blue dot is pointing in the wrong direction, you’ll need to calibrate your phone’s compass. Open the Google Maps app and then follow these directions:

Tilt your phone forward and back
Move it side to side
And then tilt left and right

You may need to repeat the steps until your compass is calibrated.

And for those without Google-Maps: starting a compass-app is enough …

Thanks for the quick response! I tried it various times and the compass
seems to be fine, the blue dot aims into the right direction. But the
screen still doesnt rotate. Is there something else I can try to fix it?

Yes, download the app Labyrinth Lite.
Open the app, go to settings and let your phone calibrate.
And if you wish delete the app.
Hopefully this works.

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