Screen does not run

We have a fairphone 1 and the screen os not working. At the begining the problemas was with some of the letters at the sides of the teclado. But now…is imposible to use the screen…and the mobile is less than 2 years old…

Are you sure that you have an FP1? I am asking because the last FP1s were produced in early 2015. Is there a star symbol in the top left corner of the front side?

NOTE: From previous forum activity of yours, I conclude that you posess an FP2. I am editing the category accordingly.


See #troubleshooting and #contactsupport .

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It is possible that I have a FP2. In any case… I can not use it because of the problems with the screen…what can I do?

You may want to try what’s proposed in this thread:

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