Screen dirty and scratches. How to replace?

Wow if i had such capacity i’d maybe be able to understand the technicity. I guess one needs to open up the phone to cet to understand a little.

M’y problem is my screen is getting dirty and scratches. How can we replace that? Must be easy, nom?

Here’s a nice video about disassembling and reassembling all the Fairphone 2 modules, you are allowed to do that without losing warranty

And here’s the display module undirty and unscratched …

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Dirt should go away by wiping the screen with a soft cloth, probably no need to buy a new one. :wink:
Just wondering about the scratches; are you sure it’s actually the screen that is scrached or do you happen to still have the original protection foil on the display?
I’m asking because scratching the screen made from Gorilla Glass 3 is not that easy to achieve.


Do you happen to still see a white triangle in the top left corner of the display?

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