Screen detached

Hi all,
I have a FP3 since 2 weeks ago, and suddenly the touchscreen glass has detached as you can see in the picture.

Is this a known issue? Could you give support?


Looks like a clear warranty case to me and you should contact Fairphone (or the reseller you bought from).


Thanks Ingo. Support ticket sent, let’s hope they reply soon.


10 days, still no reply from support :frowning:

Hm. Just to make sure: Did you use this form

to contact the support? Did you receive an automated reply from the ticketing system with an assigend ticket number? Such emails look like this:

Dear Whoever,

Thank you for contacting Fairphone Support team about “ … ”.

Your request number (also called ticket number) is #XXXXX.

Have you tried to troubleshoot your issue with the help of our Troubleshooter? This tool can help you have your issue solved/repaired even faster!
Have also a look at our forum for answers to a wide variety of support issues.

We aim to reply as soon as possible. Currently, we are experiencing a higher ‘first reply time’. We thank you in advance for your patience!

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, from Monday to Friday 9:30 - 17:30 CET: +31 20 788 4400

Kind regards,
The Fairphone Team

And have you tried to get in touch with the support via phone?

Best wishes,


Yes, I received a ticket number through the automated reply email. Next step, phone call… let’s if I have more chance… Thank you @teezeh


Hi! Could you solve your problem at the end?

It just happened the same to my FP3, the touchscreen glass has detached but from the bottom of the phone.
The screen is now covered with coloured stripes…


Although this is a warranty case it is an annoying one, something you wouldn’t expect. Will fairphone send these people new screens?

yes I did! They sent me a complete replacement of the phone, under warranty


Amazing, thank you!
Hopefully they’ll answer to my email soon, I know everything is slowed down because of the pandemic but I really need my phone now that I am working from home…