Screen Dead Strip

I have an issue with my FP2 that has just happened. A vertical strip about 1 cm wide to the right of centre has become faulty and it makes it impossible to use certain letters on the keyboard such as ‘u’ where both i and y appear. Is there any fix or do I need a new screen? See pic below which shows issue with Drawing app.

Have you disassembled the screen and cleaned the contacts?

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I managed to get the screen off but didn’t clean any contacts. What should I use?

Just a soft wet cloth (very little water) should do it :slight_smile:
Be sure to assemble it properly, if it still doesn’t work you can try to “slide the display around” a little bit to get the contacts touching (since the screen is only fixed by the two blue switches it’s a bit loose sometimes)

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Tried this but no luck, wondering if I should buy a new screen?

In that case you could try to reach out to #fairphoneangels in your area to meet up with them to check if it’s really the display.
If you have warranty, you can also contact support for a replacement :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the pattern that I’m seeing since today with my almost 3 years old phone, only slightly more to the right - I get ‘B’ and ‘M’ when typing a ‘N’. On iFixit someone reported that a lighter igniter might work but I haven’t dared doing so (yet).
So therefore I just hope that Fairphone ships quickly even though it’s on my own expense now…

Interesting, I’ve ordered a new screen an it should arrive tomorrow.

Don’t forget to check the broken display from time to time before you swap it. My display is back to normal today but of course I have no idea how long it’ll last this time…

My new screen arrived today and I now have a fully operational FP2. It has also solved the ‘bright spot’ issue that my old screen suffered with. Excellent service from Fairphone.


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