Screen cast / screen mirroring

Hello community,

I have been trying for hours now to connect my FP3 to my Samsung TV. Apparently I should select either Smartview, Screen share, Screen mirroring , or Mirroring display from the scroll-down top menu, but I can’t find any of them. I do find Screen Cast, but if selected, it keeps “searching for devices”. When I click on ‘settings’ in the Screen-Cast Windows (while it is still searching and searching), “no nearby devices were found”.

Can someone help? My TV is The Frame.


Hi Tilde, welcome to the forum. There are some topics/posts on the issue I’ll see if I can find them.
Have a look at

Thanks, but of course I had searched the forum (and the rest of the internet) prior to my posting. The thread you point me to is not helpful to answer my question, unfortunately.

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