Screen brightness keeps changing

@amoun Ahhhh okay, it seems like there is a proprietary AI from google, that is learning to adjust the brightness in a way that fits the user. I never used Gapps on my phones, I guess that’s why there is a difference in behavior between our phones. I didn’t expect google to remove adaptive brightness features from AOSP, so I never would have guessed this. So the question now becomes, do you @mpolito1969 have Gapps (Google apps&services) installed?

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I don’t know what is Gapps, I never installed it.

I did your test, after rebooting I covered the sensor, the value dropped to 0, the brightness went down but it was a normal reduction, nothing strange.

However, using Lux Light Meter I can see that the sensor value is always around 0 unless I direct the phone towards a lamp, in that case it goes up to more than 40 but as soon as I move it some degrees away from the lamp it drops to 0 again.

Apparently it’s got a very low sensibility. I must direct it to the lamp to have the sensor value increased.

Google Apps and services. They come preinstalled with Fairphone OS.

If using a Custom ROM instead they can be installed via projects like Open GApps or Mind The Gapps, hence the abbreviation, or hence the project names, which way ever that went :wink: .

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Can you tell me which operating system is installed on your FP3, please? Is it the preinstalled Fairphone OS?

I didn’t change anything, is the pre-installed OS.

@Switch @mpolito1969

I think the only official OS for the FP3 if buying from Fairphone is Andriod 9 until Android 10 came out Sep/Oct 2020. There is no Fairphone OS for the FP3 only for the FP2.

The only other official OS would be if the phone was bought from the E foundation who do have their own version

I guess you mean Fairphone OOS i.e. Fairphone Open Operating System.

The Fairphone OS indeed is the one delivered and supported, as there are a few adjustments to the stock Android.
More to be found in this wiki:

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@BertG Thanks for the clarification on the FOS name. I didn’t link that the default Android is a Fairphone product, which of course it is.

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I’m seeing this behavior after the august '21 security patch. Very annoying.

Hi @Dryhte more on this issue here


I have also been experiencing display brightness issues since 21 August 2021 update. The brightness drops to zero for no reason.

Hi @nerosiri Welocome to the forum.

Fairphone are aware of the issue:

You can follow more detail at

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I have the same problem and possibly since the update - it makes sense anyway. I’ve now switched off the adaptive brightness to see how that goes.

Just a reminder Fairphone don’t follow all the topics and certainly not all the posts.

It would be more useful, maybe, for your experiences to be added to the topic mentioned, which is monitored by Fairphone. That way they get an idea of how many people are effected enough to make a comment, which will impact their assessment of importance.

If you don’t mind I may add a post there to show your input here, unless of course you do so.

All the best

EDIT OK I have linked the ‘main’ topic on this to the above posts

NOTE this is an old topic and is not related to the current issue following the 0129 update

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OK - I have not had a recurrence of the problem since I turned off adaptive brightness so I’ll leave it that way.

Thanks for your involvement with this issue, it’s nice to know you can cope with a workaround.

Updates on this issue are at

Same thing here. Annoying, unnecessary.

If automatic brightness is causing this it should be addressed. There seems be enough evidence by enough people to make it an issue for the team at Fairphone.

Its already addressed and alread confirmed that with the next update the changes in the last update will be reverted


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