Screen brightness at dark environment too high

Hi Community,

I own a FP4 with latest Android 13 OTA Update ( FP4.TP25.C.095). My problem is the automatic brightness control. At dark environments, it did not go under 30% or 40%. So it’s just too bright. I have to use the manual slider for a darker screen.

Anyone here with the same issue?

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The exact opposite for me.
The screen brightness drops to 0 very quickly and is then too dark.

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That was an issue at the beginning, after this was changed it was too low for several people…

Thats in a dark room, so I dont think I can reproduce it

That’s strange. I have made a reversal testing. Set the brightness to 7% at a darker room. Then I adjusted the settings and checked automatic brightness. Back to a bright room, the brightness remains on 7%, no changes within the automatic control.

Where is the ambient light sensor located? Is it possible that I have a hardware issue then a software issue?

I’ve checked the sensor status with phyphox app. There is no ambient light sensor available in the list. So it’s not readable. Did the phone take the data for ambient light out of the front camera like the iPhone?

The sensor is at the upper right of the screen not in the selfie cam.

FP with FPOS has a lot of tests build in you can reach them by dialing *#*#2886#*#*


I can reach them. As I select the Light Sensor, I get an error message “Need to initialize”. The same error I get with Back Light sensor.

Ok so there seem to be something not working properly. I would reach out to Support and see what they suggest.


Thanks, let me know if there are news in the air.

You have to contact them, I’m not a FP employee…

So no answer from support since months.

Okay, another question. If I want to change the ambient light sensor hardware, then I just mount a new display? Or is the sensor mounted on the main board and not replaceable?

So you did contact support, you got a ticket number and after that no further answer? Did you call them?

I had written a mail and get a number by the ticket system. But I never get an answer. However, I think my ambient light sensor is dead. So my final question is how to replace them. Is a screen swap enough?